Majora's Mask- A Novelisation by FakeJake93 - Chapter 3: Clock Town

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Here is Chapter 3 of Majora's Mask, a novelisation by FakeJake93. If you enjoy this chapter, be sure to leave a review on the author’s story. You can find it here:

Cast Credits

Author______ FakeJake93

CaroCabaConi _______ Link

Co-Director ______ TerribleTerry

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Nathan Crowe T.
Joseph Sigler
Millan Kollarcik
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Music Credits

Terrible Fate by Theophany

I Shall Consume Everything by Rozen

Great Fairy Fountain by Video Game Music Box

Majora's Mask by Theophany

Legend of Zelda Piano Medley by Brock Hewitt: Stories in Sound

Picture Credits

Clock Town by Unique Legend @ DeviantArt (aka Jasqreate)
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