The people who lived here fired me because I feed the stray cats.

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The 20-day curfew in our country continues. I will continue to feed them at all costs. People got angry with me during today's feeding. They said the cats are not hungry. They shouted at me saying that I was polluting the street where they lived. Of course I did not give up. I keep feeding them with cat food. Please write a comment after watching the video. Am I seeing it wrong? Are these cats hungry or not?

A comprehensive curfew, which will last for 20 days, has been imposed in our country. People can only feed the animals that live on their own street. It is forbidden to drive and go to another area. There are police car in every neighborhood. The government and animal associations will feed the stray animals.

Within 1 month I will feed 1000 different cats with 1000 packs of wet cat food. I will feed them good quality cat food as much as I can. Because all cats have the right to taste these delicious delicacies. With all of the proceeds from this video series, cat homes for these cats will be purchased.

This channel is about the daily lives and adventures of our four indoor cats. And of course thousands of stray cats. This channel is about; cat, cats, feeding cats, curfew, hungry cats, cat starve, cat food, cute cats, stray cats, tabby cats, adorable paws, feral cats, meow, Cat videos, adopt dont shop, alley cats, hope for paws, funny cats

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